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Micron @ Electronica 2012


For more than 30 years Micron's teams of dreamers, visionaries and scientists have redefined innovation - designing and building some of the world's most advanced memory and semiconductor technologies.  Micron develop the technologies that transform what's possible.

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Innovation. The word gets thrown around a lot these days, for everything from toasters to car tires. Micron doesn't take it lightly. They are constantly driving their designs to better efficiency and performance; helping lay a foundation that lets them deliver products that weren’t possible just a few years ago.  Frog Works working in partnership with DisplayWorks provides a platform for Micron to exhibit these innovations and technologies at various exhibition venues within the UK and Europe.


" Frog Works has repeatedly proven themselves to be the best in the business. Every part of the project, start to finish, is top-notch and of the highest quality. "